Renovation planning and consulting

Renovations can often be costly, and unfortunately, at times risky.

Town & Country can help you towards a successful renovation project. Your Town & Country consultant is trained and experienced in building sciences and renovations. We can help advise on what is practical and at what cost (often "hidden" costs can destroy your budget). We can help you select the right renovator and tell you what you can do to reduce the risks involved. 

Our consultants will help you understand and plan not only the technical issues, but will identify what you will require regarding permits, municipal approvals and insurance. When dealing with a renovator or contractor you have certain consumer rights and obligations under law. Proper planning will help ensure a successful project. 

After the work is done, your Town & Country consultant will perform a complete assessment to ensure that the work is completed as contracted, and meets accepted industry standards. 

Town & Country will not perform renovations for you, nor will we recommend a specific company, unless asked to do so by you, our client.

If you have a family member with a mobility impairment, or plan to live in your house through your "Golden Years", learn about current trends and advancement in Flex and Mobility Housing.

Review this renovation planning checklist from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to help assess if you could benefit from a professional planning consultation.