New Home Pre-delivery Inspection 

A new home pre-delivery inspection is carried out at the time a new home is transferred from the builder or developer to you. 

As you walk through the home with the builder's representative, it is your responsibility to identify and document any deficiencies in the home and to identify any items in the sales contract that have not been completed. Your qualified Town & Country inspector will accompany you on this walk through and provide you with observations and technical input. We will also check areas such as roofing, attics, insulation, heating and electrical systems that the builder's rep will never show you. Town & Country will help you to verify that your house meets acceptable industry and community standards and sales contract requirements. 

Learn more about pre-delivery inspections & the Tarion Warranty Corporation, administrators of the Ontario new home warranty program here.

Why would I need an inspection on a newly built home ?

New homes are being built to higher standards then ever before. Most builders take pride in their workmanship and strive to gain satisfied customers. However, items can be overlooked by the builder in error, and occasionally, on purpose.

When you take possession of the house, you will be asked to sign the Certificate of Completion and Possession, certifying that the house is free of defects or deficiencies. Are you comfortable in certifying all of the structures and systems of the house ? Do you have the knowledge of building framing, health and safety requirements, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, etc to make a complete assessment and certification? Most people don't. 

Your qualified Town & Country inspector will review the complete home to ensure that it meets acceptable new home standards and the clauses of your sales agreement.

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